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complete range of instruments for measuring gauge, differential and absolute pressure. In addition to high measuring precision and ruggedness, defining features include the convenience and functionality of a modular system as well as the perfect safety concept.

• Ceramic measuring cell
• Gauge and absolute measuring ranges 1 to 60 bar (15 to 1000psi)
• For general applications
• The output signal is between 4 and 20 mA or 0 and 10 V.
• High measuring accuracy
• Rugged stainless steel enclosure
• High overload withstand capability
• For aggressive and non-aggressive media
• For measuring the pressure of liquids, gases and vapors
• Compact design

It can be used for the following measurement types:
• Gauge pressure
• Absolute pressure
it can also be used for the following additional measurement types:
• Level
• Volume
• Mass
Gauge pressure
This variant measures aggressive, non-aggressive and hazardous gases, vapors and liquids.
The smallest span is 0.01 bar g (0.15 psi g), the largest is 400 bar g (5802 psi g).
With appropriate parameter settings, the gauge pressure variant measures the level of aggressive, non-aggressive and hazardous liquids.
For measuring the level in an open container you require one device; for measuring the level in a closed container, you require two devices and a process control system.
Absolute pressure
This variant measures the absolute pressure of aggressive, nonaggressive and hazardous gases, vapors and liquids.
The smallest span is 0.008 bar a (0.12 psi a), the largest is 30 bar a (435 psi a).

• High quality and service life
• High reliability even under extreme chemical and mechanical loads
• For aggressive and non-aggressive gases, vapors and liquids
• Extensive diagnosis and simulation functions.
• Separate replacement of measuring cell and electronics without recalibration
• Minimum conformity error
• Small long-term drift
• Infinitely adjustable span from 0.01 bar to 700 bar (0.15 psi to 10153 psi) for DS III with HART interface
• High measuring accuracy